🔃 Rebase your fork on upstream.
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Rebase Upstream Action

This Action is suitable if you:

  • are maintaining a fork
  • have changes that are not going to be merged into upstream
  • want to keep changes based on the latest upstream

Basically this is doing git rebase upstream master && git push -f. If there are conflicts, it simply fails.

Typical usage

# .github/workflows/sync.yml
name: Rebase Upstream
  - cron: "0 0 * * 0"  # run once a week
  workflow_dispach:    # run manually

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
        fetch-depth: 10  # greater than the number of commits you made
    - uses: imba-tjd/rebase-upstream-action@master
      # with:  # all args are optional
      #   upstream: <user>/<repo>
      #   branch:   master


  • tgymnich/fork-sync and apps/pull: I don't want PRs. Besides there is not way to do a git rebase on GitHub website
  • repo-sync/github-sync: It's not using rebase or merge. It completely mirrors the upstream so that it can't sync current branch
  • wei/git-sync: Very complicated and have the same issue as github-sync. After all its aim is "syncing between two independent repo"
  • aormsby/Fork-Sync-With-Upstream-action: If set git_pull_rebase_config: true, it's similar. But it tries to be configurable so that looks complex
  • This one: Not widely tested. Use with caution