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prl-disp-service is a OpenVZ management service. It is a component of OpenVZ.

OpenVZ is a powerful, easy to use, cost effective server virtualization solution that empowers PC users with the ability to create completely networked, fully portable, entirely independent virtual machines and Containers on a single physical machine.

How to contribute

How to build

To build dispatcher

(cd Libraries/Transponster && qmake-qt4 && make debug)
(cd Dispatcher && qmake-qt4 && make  -j<N> debug)

where is <N> - a number of CPU cores on the build node + 2.

To build tests:

cd Tests

Before running tests, create users prl_unit_test_user and prl_unit_test_user2. Both users shall have password test.

useradd prl_unit_test_user
useradd prl_unit_test_user2
echo test | passwd prl_unit_test_user --stdin
echo test | passwd prl_unit_test_user2 --stdin

To build in Docker container:

docker build -t prl-disp-service .
docker run -v "$(pwd):/root/src" -it prl-disp-service